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The advantages of eco-friendly canvas bags

The style of canvas bag is simple and fashionable, because of the simple style of canvas bag, cotton canvas bag is more versatile, suitable for a v...
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How to clean canvas bags

I believe that canvas bags are not unfamiliar to everyone, it is a kind of environmentally friendly tote bag, and this canvas bag is not disposable...
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About Us

Henan Xueyu Textile Co., located in Henan Province,China.We are a company that produces and sells textiles. The main products are shopping bags, canvas bags, drawstring backpacks, laundry bags, suit covers, and shoe covers, cosmetic bags, aprons, and other textiles, as well as fabric products, such as plain woven fabrics, twill fabrics, etc., suitable for making home textiles, labor insurance clothing and outdoor products, etc. In recent years, many countries have advocated energy conservation, emission reduction, and low-carbon life. To reduce carbon emissions, many countries have issued plastic restrictions to avoid environmental pollution. The best choice to replace plastic bags is to use cloth shopping bags, Eco-friendly canvas shopping bags are accepted and used by more people. To meet market demand, we have carried out research and development of shopping bag business. Ou...

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